When you think of baccarat, you probably have an image of wealthy gamblers sitting around a huge colorful table. There are cheering and enthusiasm in the air. The casino is lit up with erotically dressed women and men in fancy business attire.

That said, it’s no surprise that baccarat has produced many legends. They have become billionaires just by winning the big-league tables. Baccarat games have a limit as high as $250,000. So imagine the payout!

There have been many success stories from many baccarat players. They have won, they have lost, and they are still playing.

Keep reading for a glimpse of the legendary stories of these four baccarat players who made a fortune.


#1: Akio Kashiwagi

He was also known as the “warrior” of Tokyo and was a real-estate tycoon who became a billionaire very soon. He would earn almost $100 million in profits in a year. These gigantic earnings let him gamble big in Atlantic City and Vegas and would play a single hand of $100,000.

Dennis Gomes, former president of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, said that he once saw Kashiwagi play for 80 hours straight! “He’d play two days straight without sleeping, go to bed, get up and gamble some more,” Gomes told the New York Times.

They know him to be one the biggest whales of the gambling industry!


#2: John W. Gates

Gates would work near the railways when he was young. There, he learned to play cards with some of his mates. He instantly fell in love with a thrill the decks would bring. And he turned this passion into a lifestyle.

He would host high-stakes baccarat tables in Chicago. In one play, Gates waged $1 million (then, $27m) while being the Banker. This soon gave him the name “Mr. Bet-a-Million”.


#3: The Greek Syndicate

Although baccarat is a game of chance, the Greek Syndicate developed a strategy. This group consisted of the best baccarat players in the history of gambling. They fill the group of 5 with individual that have talents and skills to contribute significantly to their winnings. However, there was one particularly successful member: Nicolas Zographos.

Zographos had an incredible memory and was brilliant at mathematics. He would memorize every single hand being dealt from the shoe. He used this knowledge to bet accordingly and win a huge advantage.


#4: Phil Ivey

Phil began his gambling career in poker, where he soon became famous as one of the best players out there. He has won over $26.2 million in live tournaments!

He entered the baccarat tables with his side-kick “Kelly” Sun. They became high-rollers in punto banco games in Atlantic City and London. They used edge sorting to their advantage to win millions of dollars.


Can I Become A Baccarat Legend?

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